We Are All Made of Stars

Photography: Charlotte Cohen
Styling: Léonie Escolibet 
Assistant Stylist: Catherine Vernay 
Hair & Make-up: : Pauline Mongarny 
Retouching: Iren Skaarnes
Thank you to model Zoe at Cute models, Jolie at Success kids, Mila & Noa
Thank you to Bistrot Plage 

(L-R) Zoé wears top The New Society Noa wears shirt Bobo Choses Mila wears dress by Long Live The Queen

Zoé wears dress Mini Rodini at Orange Mayonnaise Jolie wears blouse by Raspberry Plum overalls by Hello Simone at Smallable.com

Zoé wears t-shirt Scotch & Soda skirt Gabriel et Valentin at Orange Mayonnaise 

                  Zoé & Noa in Raspberry Plum
                Mila wears skirt Wynken shoes Rivieras

Jolie wears dress Gabriel & Valentin shoes Rivieras Noa wears dress Hundred Pieces Belt Bellerose Boots Maison Mangostan

Zoé wears jumper Bobo Choses dress Tiny Cottons Boots Maison Mangostan

Mila wears sweater Jellymallow Jolie wears sweater Hello Simone at Smallable.com

  Jolie wears sweater Hello Simone

  Noa wears overalls Raspberry Plum boots Maison Mangostan

Jolie wears dress Gabriel & Valentin

Zoe wears hat Bobo Choses

  Jolie wears blouse Bellerose trousers Bon Mot Mila wears overalls Oeuf NYC

  Noa wears dress Nueces boots Maison Mangostan

Zoé wears swimming costume La Nouvelle Noa wears swimming costume La Nouvelle Bum bag Tiny Cottons

Masterfully Handcrafted for Awesomeness



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