In Utero

Photographer: Jo Paterson at Era Management
Stylist: Kate van der Hage at Era Management

Thank you so much to all the families involved for letting us into their homes and for sharing their stories. Veronica , Cillian, Senan, Bevan, Guiseppe, Tui, Gabriel, Lisa, Penda and Violaine

The dream for many couples and single people facing infertility is for a ‘miracle baby’. Where in the past that was an impossible dream, science has given them hope. 

The IVF process often sees multiple embryos put into the womb to increase the chance of success, this also increases the chance that, the pregnancy might result not in one miracle baby, but two. 

 Whether you are gay, straight, in a couple or on your own the IVF journey can be long, isolating and traumatic. This project explores what it means to emerge the other side, into the chaos and joy of family life with twins and hopes to shine a light on the subject to help others know they aren’t alone. 

Joanna Paterson & Kate Van der Hage

[ 1 & 3- Left to right – Senan wears cardigan by Oeuf Veronica wears green jump suit by Bobo Choses Growing Young Cillian wears body suit by Mini Sibling Green hat by Quincy Mae from Smallable ]
[ 2 – Left page, Veronica wears her own dress Knitted baby grow by Stella McCartney Right page, Rug by Bobo Choses Top by Mini Sibling Pants by Bobo Choses
[ 4 – Senan wears green cardigan by Oeuf Top and leggings both by Mini Sibling Veronica wears green jump suit by Bobo Choses Growing Young Cillian wears body suit by Mini Sibling Black baby grow from H&M Green socks by Bobo Choses 
[ 5 & 7  – Both kids wear socks and the head band all by The Gray Label Lisa wears pants by Petite Bateau
[ 6 – Hat, book and navy blanket all by Bobo Choses Yellow blanket by Numero 74
[ 8 – Tui wears a selection of hair grips from Arket, Meri Meri, and her own collection Top by Noe & Zoe Bevan wears shirt from Urban Outfitters Sticker collection by Bevan and Giuseppe
[ 9 – Bevan wears Jumper by Weekday Gabriel wears top by Gray Label and trousers by Stella McCartney Tui wears frill collar at the neck by Tutu du Monde Black sweat top by Gray Label Trousers by Molo Socks from Arket
[ 10 – Gabriel wears Yellow bottoms by Gray Label Top by Dandy star Tui jumping on the bed Stella dress as before with pink pinafore from Gray Label Socks Arket 
[ 11 – Tui wears dress by Stella McCartney Gabriel wears top by The Animals Observatory Trousers by Noe and Zoe 
[ 12 – Lisa wears dress by Barbara Bui Violaine wears pink top by Wynken and knitted bloomers by Numero 74 Penda wears grey top by Gray Label and red trousers by Ebbe kids 
[ 13 – Penda wears top by Noe & Zoe Lisa wears dress by Barbara Bui 
[ 14 & 15 – Penda wears top by Bobo Choses Violaine wears bobble hat by Beau Loves Body suit by Wolf & Rita Lisa wears skirt by Bellerose