Art Director: Lorna Allan
Stylist: kate van der hage at era
set design, studio & animation: the flash pack
Hair & Make Up: brooke neilson at zara ronchi
Videographer: arlen figgis
Photography assistant: oscar yoosefinejad
styling assistant: Lea Federmann 
Model: margot at ray & robin

[ 1 – pink top by wolf & rita jeans and boots by Stella McCartney jumper round waist by The Animals Observatory  Top by mini stitches trousers by The Animals Observatory tights by tutu du monde shoes by MAISON MANGOSTAN shirt by vivetta jeans by Tiny Cottons blue socks by weekday shoes by vans  gilet by Stella McCartney shoes by veja 
[ 2 – dress by tatanaka shrunk ]
[ 3hat by bobo choses jacket by noe & zoe trousers by beau loves shoes by vans top and silver leggings by The Animals Observatory shoes by MAISON MANGOSTAN jacket by tatanaka shrunk shirt by The Animals Observatory skirt by marmar socks by velveteen boots by Stella McCartney crown by oeuf jacket by owa yurika shorts with frill by wolf & rita tights by beau loves shoes stylists own 
[ 4 – top by beau loves dress by owa yurika skirt by vivetta  
[ 5 – jacket by Tambere shirt by beau loves tights by tutu du monde trousers by bobo choses shoes by veja ]
[ 6 – top by bobo choses skirt by tatanaka shrunk]
[ 7 – jacket by beau loves shirt by The Animals Observatory skirt by caramel shoes by MAISON MANGOSTAN ]
[ 8 – dress by vivetta ]